Can Valentine’s Day Be Healthy? Of course it can!

You can absolutely get through Valentine’s Day without the giant heart-shaped box of chocolate candy! I was going to write a blog post, but my surgery center (New Jersey Bariatric Center) had a perfect posting of 5 Healthy Ways to Show Your Valentine You Love Them, so I’m going to include the link for you to go check it out.

5 Healthy Ways to Show Your Valentine You Love Them

While the article talks about Valentine’s Day gifts from loved ones, don’t forget about the love you have for yourself. It’s the love for yourself that truly gets you through the day. Love yourself enough to take good care of yourself. If you’re feeling a little down tomorrow, instead of drowning yourself in chocolate or ice cream, take yourself for a walk, draw yourself a nice hot bubble bath, read a favorite book, have yourself a healthy meal, do something to pamper yourself. Because the best relationship you can ever have is with yourself. No other relationship matters as much as that one. So, treat yourself and your body well and show yourself the love you deserve. And if you really feel the need to wallow in some chocolate, get or make some chocolate-covered strawberries with dark chocolate. Can’t get much more yummy than that!

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