Everybody Falls Sometimes

One of my “claims to fame,” is that I’ve been through this weight loss process myself, so I’m pretty relatable to most people facing this journey.  I’ve had the ups.  I’ve had the downs.  Having weight loss surgery has not stopped the struggles with food.  The only thing that the surgery helped me with is portion control.  I can only eat a certain amount of food before I’m in massive pain or sick.  But, I’m still the one that has to choose what foods to put into my body.  Typically, I’m pretty conscientious about what I eat.  I focus on protein.  I eat some carbs and veggies.  I have a snack once in awhile.  And in the summer, I’ll have the occasional ice cream cone.  These are all choices that I make.

Last night, for the first time ever, I ate in response to an emotional event.  I was never an emotional eater.  Rather, I was the opposite.  I never wanted to eat when I was anxious, angry, sad, etc.  I’m not sure why last night was different, but I was very sad and I found myself leaving my house and going to Baskin’ Robbins for ice cream.  In the middle of the winter (not that there’s ever a bad time for ice cream, but I typically only have it in the summer as a summer treat).  Nothing was making the sadness go away, so I irrationally thought, maybe ice cream will make me happy.  Did it?  Well, it sure tasted yummy!  Was I still sad after it was gone?  Unfortunately, yes. I’ve been through enough therapy to know that the only thing that will make these feelings go away is to acknowledge them, feel them, and come out the other side.  So, while the ice cream made me happy for the 10 minutes it took to eat it, I went right back to feeling sad as soon as it was gone.  And today, I’m right back on the wagon.  I’m not beating myself up for one scoop of ice cream.  I’m not beating myself up for eating my feelings.  I simply fell and am now getting myself back up, brushing myself off, and putting it behind me.  Don’t you beat yourself up for the slips you’re bound to make.  Because everybody falls sometimes.  Just get yourself back up and move forward. 

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