Question: What does a Health and Wellness Coach do?

A health and wellness coach will:
Work with you on setting and reaching your health and wellness goals
Be someone to bounce ideas off of
Be your greatest cheerleader
One who gives unconditional support
Be a beacon during stormy times
Be your wake-up call and reality sandwich


Question: How do I start the life coaching process?

Contact me via phone, email, or this website to schedule an appointment for a Initial Consultation, where we will get to know each other, discuss what you’re hoping to get out of working with a health coach, and some possible long-term goals. We’ll also make a few short-term goals that will set the agenda for our future scheduled meetings.

Question: How much can I expect to pay for health coaching?

Pricing for health coaching varies, with most coaches offering monthly packages, rather than individual sessions.
The Initial Consultation is $97.  Each session is 45 minutes in length, with the Initial Consultation lasting up to one hour.


Question: How long does health and wellness coaching take?

Making significant change doesn’t happen overnight. Most clients start off with a three-month commitment. This gives us time to build a relationship and for changes to start to take hold. You my only need those three months to accomplish your long-term goals. Or it could take longer than that. You can decide on your own or we can decide together when coaching is no longer needed.


Question: What does your health and wellness coaching certification signify?

As of this time, coaching is not a regulated industry and therefore there are no requirements to be certified or even trained. However, coaching is now being recognized as a profession and this will hopefully lead to it becoming a regulated industry, which will be of great benefit to clients. I have completed an intense coaching training program (Life Coach Institute of Orange County), which is accredited by the International Coach Federation and have received certification by this institute. In addition, I am a certified CKO™ Kickboxing Trainer.


Question: Where does health and wellness coaching take place?

Our coaching can be done in person at my office, which is located in Somerville, NJ, on the phone or via Facetime/Skype from your home or office, or in a social setting (e.g. coffeehouse, restaurant, etc.). It truly can be done anywhere.


Question: What is the difference between health and wellness coaching and counseling/psychotherapy?

Health and wellness coaching focuses on the present and the future. We don’t go into your past history, other than to look at areas of difficulty that you’ve had previously experienced when trying to reach your goals. We’re working towards changing your future. Counseling and psychotherapy is typically geared towards the things that you have experienced in your past that have led to current behaviors and feelings. Coaching does not involve figuring out why you behave in a certain way but rather how we can change the behaviors in the here and now. Currently, health and wellness coaching is not covered by health insurance, as it is not a regulated industry.


Question: What is the difference between health and wellness coaching and consulting?

As a health and wellness life coach, I work with you to discover your own answers. I don’t give you goals to work on. Rather, you come up with your goals yourself. A consultant gives advice and tells you what would work best. I will help you problem-solve and can brainstorm ideas with you. We will do it together.