Having an “off” day?

You know what it feels like when you’re having an “off” day.  Maybe your mind feels kind of fuzzy and you’re having trouble concentrating.  Or you don’t feel well, but you can’t quite identify what’s bothering you.  It’s days like that where you have trouble sticking to your eating or exercising plans.  So, what can you do to not let a day like that derail you from your goals?

  1.  Recognize that you are not feeling yourself and try to identify exactly what may be going on.  Could it be hormonal?  Did you have a bad night’s sleep?  Did something happen in your life or someone else’s that may have unknowingly affected you?  Many times, identifying the cause helps with the effects of it.
  2. Even if you dont feel like it, exercise anyway.  Exercise releases endorphins that help with stress, sleep, memory, energy, etc.  Even a walk around the block or 10 minutes of yoga or stretching will help.  Just moving and concentrating on your body, will get you out of your head.
  3. Call your health and wellness life coach.  I am here to support you in this journey.  Sometimes it just helps to talk things out.

These days are going to happen.  You can AND will get through them.

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