My Own Journey to Change, Pt 1

The first thing people asked me when I told them I wanted to be a health and wellness life coach was…what is a health and wellness coach?  Once I explained what a life coach does (see FAQ page), the next question was….why do you want to do that? The answer to that is simple.  I want other people to feel the same way about themselves that I’ve learned to feel about myself.  It took my own journey to reach the point I have in my own life and if I can help even one person to experience that same journey, then I will feel as if I contributed something good in this world. 

While I like to say that my journey started when I had weight loss surgery in 2013, the truth of the matter is that it really started long before that.  However, if I were to tell my story from the very beginning, we would be here for quite a long time.   So, I’ll start from 2013.  On April 15, 2013, I had weight loss surgery.  Tax Day.  I chose that date so that I’d always remember it.  I realize now that I could never forget it.  It was the day my life took a change of direction that I never anticipated.  My goal in having weight loss surgery was to lose weight so that I could get healthy and run and play with my niece and nephews.  It was never about getting skinny, looking better, or fitting into smaller clothes.  I never thought any farther than improving my health.  And because of that, I didn’t think that anything else in my life would change, except my health.  Little did I know that EVERYTHING would, in fact, change. 

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