Q&A Workshop in the Bag

Today I held my first workshop for potential and post-bariatric surgery patients. I’m happy to report that it was quite successful. As a recap for those who were unable to attend, here’s how it went.

I started off with me telling my weight loss surgery story. How I came to decide on having the surgery, how I prepared for it, my insurance and surgeon requirements, what the first few days after surgery were like and then the days and weeks that followed. I talked about how I started a love affair with kickboxing and where I am now in terms of my weight loss journey. Because, as discussed today, this is a never-ending journey. Just because I reached my goal weight, I have to work every day on maintaining that loss. And sometimes, I fail. Maintaining your weight loss after weight loss surgery is no different than maintaining it after losing it without surgery.

While the workshop was meant as a Q&A, it turned into more of a discussion. We discussed why it’s important to have someone by your side after the surgery because oftentimes insurance does not cover the support groups held by the surgery centers. And you absolutely need that support. You need to have someone that has been through the process to ask questions to. We also discussed how maintenance does not necessarily have to be about maintaining weight loss. For example, if you’re nearing menopause or have some hormone imbalances, and don’t want to or can’t rely on supplements, you have to get what you need from the foods you eat. So, you first have to figure out what the right foods are and either add them or increase them. And also the foods that may be harming you. And they’re not necessarily “bad” foods. They’re just bad for your body needs. And once you find the right combination, you have to then maintain that balance. Just like if you’re maintaining your weight.

Reaching a goal is never the end of the journey. It’s just a turn onto a different one.

My next workshop will be held on Sunday, December 4 at 11:30 a.m. The subject will be tips for getting through the holiday season and figuring out what areas you’d like to work on for 2017. I look forward to seeing you all there. Keep on the lookout for the announcement on the events page, where you’ll be able to RSVP!newscarousel2.jpg

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