When You’re the Only One

It’s not always an entire family that is trying to lose weight. Oftentimes it’s just one person within the family. And the question becomes, how can I change my eating habits when no one else around me is? Or, I can’t cook multiple meals for my family. One for me and one for everyone else. Or one for my kids and one for my husband. It’s not easy when only one person is trying to change. When your kids are picky eaters and will only eat pasta, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, etc, and none of that is healthy or good for someone that is trying to change their habits.

One of the common themes I’ve encountered in both my coaching and workshops is that everyone is very busy all the time and there’s barely enough time in the day to prepare one dinner, much less two. For instance, I know of a woman that has four kids and a husband that is very specific about what he will and will not eat. During lunch, he brings his own food, so is able to completely control what he is eating and stay on track. However, in the evenings, the wife has to cook for the four kids and cannot make a separate meal for her husband. This sometimes caused some contention within the family because the husband would tend to go off his eating plan once he was home. We came up with a couple of ideas to try. One was to have the husband eat a larger meals at breakfast and lunch and then just something small for dinner. Since he didn’t want to cook himself a whole separate meal from what his wife cooked, a simple grilled chicken and a salad could be the small meal. This was something that could always be prepared on the weekend and frozen to eat throughout the week. That way, she was not cooking two meals and he was staying on track with his restricted eating.

Have you experienced similar issues where you are trying to change your way of eating to a healthier lifestyle but no one else around you is? I would love to hear your stories and whether or not you found solutions. Please comment below!

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